Are Korean Girls in South Korea Easy to Date

South Korea is an ultra socially conservative country where their people are imbued with ethical and moral values. Most foreign men have the misconceptions that they can hook up easily with any cute Korean girls in South Korea.

Why South Korean girls like foreign white men

If you are a foreign white men, you will find yourself in the center of attention. There will be a lot of South Korean girls who are interested to talk to you just because you are a foreigner.

South Koreans are very curious about outsiders from foreign countries. However do not be mistaken that you are some Don Juan and they are desperate to be your girl.


Difference between South Korean girls and Korean American girls

There are some Korean American girls who will fall head over heels for white guys. However some Korean girls really prefer white western boyfriend because they know that Korean men are very authoritative and chauvinistic.

It is also a common belief that their Korean husband will be unfaithful and cheat on them as soon as they have kids.

The stereotypical belief that Korean girls are crazy about white foreign men are widespread. Most South Korean girls would still prefer a man of their own race as Korean women in Korea tend to follow their parents’ wishes and marry a fellow Korean.

Nevertheless there are always liberal Korean girls who will fall for anyone regardless of race or skin color.

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