Review Part 3

In this instalment, we will explore and highlight the various features found in member’s profile. Under the “MY HOME” column you will find “MY FLIRTS”.

“MY FLIRTS” are little messages other Profile Members can send you to get your attention. You can reply to flirts or send flirts to any member by going to their profile and clicking “Send Flirt”.

There is a section for “E-CARDS”  from Send these interactive e-cards to your Arab women members to show them you care. It is rather useful to use those friendship ecards for breaking ice as they are quite funny.

Ask Dr. Bousa
There is a relationship advisor column to hear your frustration and dating dilemma. It is particularly useful as Dr. Bousa dish out non- judgmental answers that will make you feel comfortable disclosing your Arab dating secrets.

Arablounge Chatroom


You can use both Video & Audio Chat. See and listen to Arab girls in the chat room. Broadcast your own audio and video for others to see. All you need is a webcam and a Platinum Membership.

However others have said it is too expensive to sign up for Platinum Membership.

The chat window is large and resizable. You can change text, style and color, add graphical smilies, click usernames to bring up profile details, link to URL’s.

In fact there are tons of eager Arab women waiting to video chat. However a note of caution, you have to be honest about your personal details or it will turn off most of the Arabic girls and muslims singles.


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Chat Arab Girls in ArabLounge

Looking for Arab chat room filled with hundreds of Arab girls or arab men? You may explore, the largest network of Arabic and English speaking Arab men and women.

There are many Arab girls available for online chat. However there is an interesting trend, most of Arabic women who are from USA are mostly divorced and they have family roots tracing back to Arabic countries such as Egypt, Syria, Iraq.

Whether you are looking to make friends or to find a soulmate, ArabLounge cutting edge Video Instant Messenger allows you to chat real time with hundreds of Arabic speaking women.





From the Instant Messenger you can also view a members profile and send them an email or Flirt should you decide to do so.

If you have a webcam,  the real fun starts when you are be able to broadcast yourself real time in ArabLounge Arab chat room.

Try out ArabLounge Video Instant Messenger today by creating your free profile.



You are able to connect specifically to your countries. Below are the list of Arab countries that are available in ArabLounge including Saudi Arabia, Egypt,Pakistan, Tunisia, Morocco, Qatar and Kuwait.

* Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
* Amman, Jordan
* Basrah, Iraq
* Cairo, Egypt
* Casablanca, Morocco
* Dammam, Saudi Arabia
* Dhahran, Saudi Arabia
* Doha, Qatar
* Fes, Morocco
* Giza, Egypt
* Khobar, Saudi Arabia
* Oran, Algeria
* Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
* Tunis, Tunisia
* Alger, Algeria
* Baghdad, Iraq
* Beirut, Lebanon
* Constantine, Algeria
* Dubai, United Arab Emirates
* Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
* Jerusalem, Palestine
* Kuwait, Kuwait
* Manama, Bahrain
* Marrakech, Morocco
* Melbourne, Australia
* Rabat, Morocco
* Ryiadh, Saudi Arabia

Lots of Arab women are waiting to video chat with you.  Arab Chat has never been easier – Click here to join for free today!

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Previously has been reviewed which turn out to be another new Arab dating site .  Recently when I opened up my mail, I was suprised. Why? Arabic girls from have been sending messages flooding my mailbox. Mail Avalanche Mail Avalanche

Before we get really excited, I tried to reply to a few of them thinking I might get lucky. Lo and behold, I was smacked with the “Premium benefits” page where you have to pay through PayPal or Western Union.

Beware of ArabLoveline?

This seriously raise the alarm. First, payment through Western Union is utterly risky. I have received mail from readers that after paying for the premium membership and trying to contact them, they could not get a response from these arabic women members.

We have to gather more concrete evidence before we jump to conclusions. If you have previous experience with arabloveline, please post in the comment.

Alternative to ArabLoveLine FREE FREE

In the meantime, here is another alternative for those who are looking for arabic women. is the largest online Muslim dating service for Arabs.

Many Arab men from Middle East countries such as Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Tunisia, Morocco, Pakistan and even as far as Indonesia have joined.

Many of arab women members come from Israel, Lebanese and USA. These Arab girls have origins from Middle Eastern roots and most importantly, they are sizzling hot! Check them out below…

Arab woman from

Arab woman from

Pictures speak a thousand words. Click below to sign up for free

ArabLounge Free Sign Up

ArabLounge Free Sign Up

Meet beautiful Arab Muslim girls seeking love and marriage. Click below to sign up for FREE…muslim-girls

Arab Dating Misconceptions

With the opening up of internet in Arab countries, more and more Arab singles are opting to sign up for online dating services. If you are interested in dating Arab singles, this article serves to help you clear up some stereotypes and misconceptions about the Arab world.

Arab Dating Misconception #1: All Arabs Are Muslims

This is a common view of western world that all Muslims are Arab and all Arabs are Muslims. Here is the truth; Arabs are a religiously diverse group.
There are also Arab Christians in countries such as Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, Jordan, and Iraq. Arabs make up between 15-18% of the
Muslim world.

Arab Dating Misconception #2: All Arab Men Are Rich

We may have the wrong impression that all Arab men are “oil rich Sheiks”. Majority of them hold a wide variety of occupations similar to the western economy.

Arab Dating Misconception #3: All Arab Women Are Oppressed

Although the Arab customs are strict, the common perception that Arab women are oppressed by men. Iranian women are known to be forward thinking. Women in Iran were granted right to vote and admission to Iranian universities.  Since then, several Iranian women have held high-ranking posts in the government or parliament.

Arab Dating Misconception #4: All Arab Women Must Wear Veil

According to Islam, Arab women are supposed to wear veils.  However in some countries, like Lebanon, Syria and Egypt, they are free to choose
whether to wear veils.

By understanding and respecting Arab traditions, you can avoid unecessary misunderstandings when you are communicating with Arab singles.

Here are some Arab online dating sites to explore:

1) is the most popular Arab singles and friendship community ! Arab Lounge is the largest online Christian and Muslim dating service geared towards Arab men and women. couple couple

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Click here to join ArabLounge FREE

2) is a popular Muslim matrimonial and dating site that will connect you to Muslim singles living around the world. You can find decent beautiful Muslim women.

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muslima-dating-service Review Part 2

In the previous blogpost Review Part 1, we talk about ArabLoveLine registration process. Today, let’s explore ArabLoveLine member’s control panel.

ArabLoveLine member’s control panel

In the member’s control panel, the layout is confusing although we have to admit that the features are power packed. You can use their sleek features such as chatroom, music, videos, forum and blog. Here’s a preview of member control panel.

Arabloveline member control panel

ArabLoveLine member’s Video

You thought that you’ll be watching some videos of members making their introduction with their webcam. It was a such a letdown Why? There seems to be many videos about irrelevant subjects such as dancing and singing eg Britain got talent. Oh you’ll realized that these videos are grabbed from YOUTUBE.

Top Rated and Top Viewed Members

There is a handy feature where you can see who are the most viewed ArabLoveLine members. Below are some examples.

Most Popular Arab members

ArabLoveLine Chatroom

You need to sign up as a Premium Membership in order to access the chatroom. The subscription  for 1-month is USD24.95. There are no demostration of any kind so you do not know what interface you will be using.

ArabLoveLine Music

This is virtually non existant, you will be served as “SORRY No Results Are Found”. Probably a new site making progress.

ArabLoveLine Conclusion

The ratio of ArabLoveLine members are evenly distributed. 50% of the members are from USA and the rest came from Arabic countries such as Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Syria, Morocco etc. Interestingly there are also members from Muslims countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia seeking out Arabis singles.

Arabloveline girl Arabloveline Muslim girl

At any point of time, you can only see less than 20 members online and you’ll be seriously wondering to yourself if ArabLoveLine is yet another bogus online dating site. Hopefully time will tell. If you have any successful experience with ArabLoveLine please share with us in the comments.

By comparing ArabLoveLine to ArabLounge, click here if you have not read our Review, we would definitely think ArabLounge is much more deserving of your time.

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