Where Do You Find Cute Korean Girls

“Ahn nyoung ha seh yo” (Hello in Korean) With the carefully export of  South Korean culture, the growing popularity of Korean Wave are sweeping across Asia. Many Asian countries such as China, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore are caught by the Korean fever.

From Korean TV drama hits such as Autumn in My Heart, Winter Sonata, Boys Over Flowers to Korean movies, Korean pop music, food (Kimchi anyone?) and language. One would naturally fall head over heels over their perfectly groomed Korean actors and beautiful cute Korean actresses.

Find cute Korean girls in KoreanCupid.com

It is amazing that you can find immaculately chic native Korean girls that look as good as their South Korean actresses.  For an untrained eye, you might easily mistaken Korean women for Chinese girls from China. Now before you get confused, Korean women are well groomed and their alluring shyness might be very seductive for some people. Below are some examples of cute Korean girlsthat you will find in KoreanCupid.


Where are these cute Korean girls located?

Many native Korean women come from regions such as Koyang, Puchon, Ansan, Gyoenggi-do, Taegu, Daegu,  Pusan, Busan, Incheon but most are mainly from Seoul which is the capital of South Korea.

Korean Cupid has a large proportion of Korean American members living all throughout the United States. You can many foreign-born women with Korean descent that reside in California, United States.

What are these cute Korean girls looking for?

There are thousands of Korean women girls in search of a Korean pen pal, chat partner so that they can learn and improve on their English.  Some Korean ladies are seeking to keep up to date and reconnect with their Korean roots.

You can meet thousands of Korean singles on KoreanCupid.com. There are always Korean ladies online and you can get connected to beautiful Korean girls instantly. Email or chat with the native Korean girls that take your fancy.

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South Korean Men Looking For Asian Brides

According to data released by South Korean Ministry of Gender Equality, more than 35% South Korean men are choosing to marry Asian women over local Korean women. This trend is not particularly limited to South Korean men. Asian men from rich countries such as Japan,Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore are also seeking women from South East Asia as brides.

Why are South Korean men seeking foreign brides?

It is because young Korean women who are economically independent prefer to stay single. Also highly educated young Korean girls are picky as they prefer an urban to a rural lifestyle.  Those South Korean men who are left out of the dating scene are fishermen and farmers.

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Which countries does these Asian brides come from?

South Korean  fishermen and farmers chose immigrant Asian brides, mostly from China or South-east Asia countries like Vietnam and Cambodia. Because of cultural and values similarities between China and South Korea, More than 47% of Asian brides come from China.

This is an interesting phenomenon because China has always been an exporter of Asian brides, Chinese men of marriageable age will find themselves without women to marry by year 2020.

The shortage of Chinese girls is due to China’s strict one-child policy that has contributed to gender-specific abortions, favoring Chinese males who can carry on the family line.

Why do these Asian brides choose to marry South Korean men?

Due to poverty in their families and because these Asian women want to improve their family situation, Chinese women, Vietnamese women and Cambodian women hope to have a better life.

Does these Asian brides live happily ever after?

As always there are cases where matchmaking agents or marriage broker agencies who “over promise and under deliver” that give the industry a bad name. Some of Asian brides end up with the short end of the stick, instead of a better life, they are stuck with husband who have few assets or who are ill, alcoholic or abusive.

However these cases are few and as long as safeguards are put in place by relevant authorities, the trend of marrying Asian brides is here to stay.

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Westerners Dating Korean Women

The frustrations and confusions for those trying to date a Korean woman in Korea. Not all women are the same when it comes to social expectations and dating culture. There are some peculiar situations when it comes to having a Korean woman as a girlfriend:

Dating a korean “girlfriend” for a few months but no progress in terms of physical initmacy (hold hands, kiss/peck hello/goodbye on the lips, cuddle)

If there is no kissing after a series of date, you might have been relegated to ‘best friend’ status only.

Important tip when dating a Korean Girl

For most of the time, a Korean girl will be expecting the first move to come from you. Korean girls are not aggressive in dating unlike women in the western countries, they are normally passive so their behavior is completely normal if they do not want to hold hands or kiss in public.

However there is always an exception, some Korean girls are westernized in their thinking and they may even move in with you.

Different Type of Korean Girls

Some Korean girls are more traditional, thinking about staying pure until marriage. A typical conservative Korean girl just doesn’t want to do anything intimate until she marries or until things are more serious.

Some Korean women want to date foreign men so that they can practice English and at the same have some fun but nothing more.

Some Korean girls date foreigners because they are infatuated with western culture and are eager to try something new.

In a typical Korean relationship, a couple go out with each other many times until the man declare his affection for her and she reciprocates. Then by Korean dating definition, they are a couple.

Korean girls can have different expectations  for dating a foreign guy and with a Korean man.


How to chat with Korean girls online

Korean Interracial dating is fast catching up on the Asian dating scene. It’s no longer korean singles looking for Korean nationality only.

You can easily find Korean women to make friends, dating but for love and marriage is another whole new level.


KoreanCupid.com is one of the established online dating service for Korean dating and Korean personals site. In KoreanCupid, you will find REAL Korean women photos and profiles, unlike some online dating sites (names withheld) which generate fake profiles or grab other competitors’ profiles.

3 Easy Steps To Chat Korean Girls

Step #1:

Sign up for a FREE KoreanCupid member account. If you are not sure how to register, there is a step by step instruction tutorial to show you how to sign up for FREE.  Click here to read –> KoreanCupid.com Review Part 1

Step #2:

A Membership upgrade on KoreanCupid.com gives you access to many exciting features including live chat via chat rooms and instant messaging with Korean girls.


The interactive live chat is a fantastic communication option for online dating because it:

  • Allows you to interact with other singles in real time without having to wait days for an email reply.
  • Is the best way to have a good conversation and get to know someone.
  • Now has audio and video chat options as well.

Step #3:

Search for your ideal Korean romance from Korea and worldwide. Upgrade your membership today to start chatting with thousands of exciting women and you could find a gorgeous date today!

Dating Korean Girls Tips

For most of  time, Korean women secretly find foreign men attractive. However not all Korean girls are as wild as some people say.

Tip #1: Korean girls like foreign men

What Korean girls like about foreign men is that they express affection openly and attentive. Foreign men almost never talk of marriage so there is no pressure on the subject of marriage. If you are a foreigner in Korea, just be yourself and you will have Korean women fawning upon you.

Tip #2: Be nice to her family

Family is of utmost importance and Koreans are especially proud of their heritage like Korean food, beautiful geography. You should also treat her best friend well because on your first date, Korean girl will bring her best friend along to act as a chaperone so put on your best show.

Tip #3: Carry her handbag

Although it is embarrassing, it is a norm in Korean dating. Boyfriends are more than willing to carry their Louis Vuitton, Gucci designer handbags. Alpha male dominance does not work in Korean dating as Korean women have seen enough of Korean men who are authoritarian and assuming.

Tip #4: Remember your 100th day

Remember dates like the 100th day after your first meeting, the 100th day after you first kissed her, the 100th day. And buy her a little gift accordingly. Every Korean girl will love you to death for your attentiveness and affection.

Tip #5: Korean girls like to feel special

Don’t check out other girls when you’re spending time with her. Korean girl has eyes like a hawk and will notice if you so much a glance at another girl.

Korean girls hardly get drunk but they would like to appear so that you can take care of her. She’s probably faking the whole drunk act just so you can give her a piggy back ride like those in Korean drama series.

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