Dating Korean Girls Advice

There are many who would like to date a Korean girl (Typical Korean Girl) in Korea, however it is not all plain sailing in a Korean relationship. Initially, it will be really easy for you to make Korean girlfriends, due to the fact that you are a foreigner and you can speak English.

Do women in Korea like dating foreign men?

Many Korean girls find Caucasian men more attractive than native Korean men. Korean women feel that native Korean men tend to be closed-minded and emotionally distant unlike foreign men who are more communicative about their feelings.


Korean girls are especially fond and very curious about outsiders or foreigners. You will meet a lot of Korean girls who would want to talk to you just because you are foreigner, not because you are some Don Juan.

Korean women dislike how traditional Korean marriages work – the Korean woman does all the work in the home and is expected to wait on the husband like a maid.

What are the obstacles when you are in a Korean girl relationship?

In Korea,  do not meet her parents if you are not serious about marriage. Once she bring you home to meet her parents, it signify that you are asking the parents for her hand. Korean parents do not believe in sex before marriage and living together before marriage is taboo and seriously admonished in Korean culture.

How to win over her Korean parents

Koreans value educational achievement over other things. Most of the time, traditional Korean parents restrict their daughter from dating western guys. Therfore you should put in extra effort when meeting her parents. For example, bringing her parents some nice small gifts every time you visit her home.

Knowing some of the Korean culture and knowledge is a huge plus and can help you score points. You have to create rapport with her parents that put you in a good light. You can show your respect for them by sitting down and have some tea with her parents.

Korean parents place a high value on family social status. If you are a doctor, accountant or come from a elite upper class society, you will make a splashing impression on them.

Where to find cute Korean girls for dating?

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Dating Cute Korean Girls

Korean pop culture is sweeping all over Asian countries such as the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore. It is also very common for Korean pop girl group singers such as Girls Generation SNSD, Wonder Girls, 2NE1, Kara etc to debut in United States.


If you are dating a Korean woman, know which type of Korean girl you are dating.

  1. native Korean girl; grew up in korea or have spent her growing up years in Korea before migrating
  2. westernized Korean girl; basically it is like dating a typical western girl
  3. curious Korean girl; who is curious about anything foreign (be prepared to be ditched once the novelty has worn off)

If you are seeking to date a Korean girl who grew up in South Korea, she will tend to be more on the conservative side. When a native Korean girl dates a foreigner, it will be much more complicated due to social and cultural restrictions imposed on them. The Korean girl discussed here are referring to ‘native Korean girl’.

Tips when dating a Korean girl

Get to know each other well before getting serious. Take things slow and easy, thirty days would be a nice time frame for casual dating and just hanging out before getting into a serious relationship.

How to win over a Korean girl’s parents

If you are into a serious relationship with a Korean girl, you have to be prepared to overcome the obstacle of Korean girl’s parents especially if they are from older generation from Korea.

Why? The reason is because most of Korean parents disapprove their daughter dating a foreigner. Most Korean parents hope their children marry the same nationality and the family status play a very important decision when it comes to marriage.

If her family are from the elite privileged class (rich/highly influential), they expect their children to date and marry within their social circle. Many Korean marriages are still arranged between highly influential Korean families.

  • Do not offer a handshake, just bow politely and say a few Korean greetings.
  • when you eat with her parents, wait for the parents to eat first, it is basic Asian table manners and courtesy to respect the elder

Based on the Confucian teachings, Koreans place great emphasis on studying and becoming an important person in the society.

Where to find cute Korean girls for dating?

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Dating Korean Girls Advice

If you are interested in dating a native Korean girl, not just a westernized girl of Korean descent, you should observe some unwritten rules.

What do Korean girls expect from you

Dating Korean girls require some aptitude and skill or you will feel frustrated or confused about her feelings towards you. Korean girl expect the opposite party to initiate communication and ask her out on all the dates unlike western women who are more liberal.

The men are always the one who schedules the dates. If you feel that the Korean girl is blowing hot and cold towards you or lack of initiative in terms of texting you or initiating dates, this is normal as a Korean girl will not be seen as aggressive in the initial dating stage.

Difference between Korean dating and western dating

Korean girls that actually live in Korea or have spent a significant amount of their lives in Korea like to take things slowly. They do not rush into a relationship and Korean girl take things at a slow pace even when they are in a relationship.

In western culture, kissing someone is natural to all couples after a few dates. However in Korea, kissing is a very big event for a Korean girl even if it is just on the cheeks. Korean girls like a kiss on the forehead as it is seen as very romantic and meaningful.


What should you look out for when dating a Korean girl

You should get to the point where you are very close friends before you even ask her out. When you are in a relationship, take things very slowly or whatever pace she is comfortable with. Once you have officially become a couple, go on a few dates before holding her hand or putting your arm around her shoulders. Only after seven to ten dates (as a guide only depend on each individual) should you kiss her.

What do Korean women want

Korean women like conservative men who are in for long term relationships, not those who are crazy for one night stands. If you want to be successful in dating Korean girls, you have to be respectful and approach them with some knowledge about Korea’s culture and language. Korean girls love it when guys do that.

Korean girls tend to take appearance very seriously when deciding if they are interested in a guy or not. You should have good personal hygiene. Korean women find foreign men appealing and exotic even if you are not the most handsome guy, you will still be seen as good-looking in Korea.

Misunderstanding Korean girls

Do not assume that a Korean likes you just because she gave you her phone number. Korean girls perceived exchanging phone numbers with you as some form of language exchange to practice English with you. Sometimes a Korean girl will give you her number without you asking.

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Online Dating Korean Girls in Korea

If you are a white foreign man who is interested in dating Korean girls, you will be surprised by the overwhelming attention that you are getting from the native Korean girls and women. You will be elevated to ‘Rock star’ status and can expect to have the hottest korean girls that go crazy over you.

Tips on dating Korean women

You have to differentiate those Korean girls who are dating you just to practice English and those Korean girls who are simply infatuated with white foreign men. Most of Korean girls are ultra conservative but there are some Korean women who are as open-minded as their western counterparts.


There are some unwritten rules when in comes to Korean dating and you need to know if you want to be successful in dating Korean girls.

  • Open display of physical affection is taboo during the first few dates and Korean girls expect you to take the first move
  • When dating a korean girl, expect to give more attention to her as Korean girls are more needy than western women who are more independent
  • just be yourself as your westernized way of thinking and manners are what Korean girls like about

Reason why western men are popular among Korean girls

The fact that you are a foreigner makes you a star. It is just because you have westernized features, speak differently from them. People likes something that is different and your westernized features == Appealing.

However the majority of Korean women still prefer Korean men when it comes to marriage so the attention that you are getting is just a passing phase or novelty that will wear off.

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Are Korean Girls in South Korea Easy to Date

South Korea is an ultra socially conservative country where their people are imbued with ethical and moral values. Most foreign men have the misconceptions that they can hook up easily with any cute Korean girls in South Korea.

Why South Korean girls like foreign white men

If you are a foreign white men, you will find yourself in the center of attention. There will be a lot of South Korean girls who are interested to talk to you just because you are a foreigner.

South Koreans are very curious about outsiders from foreign countries. However do not be mistaken that you are some Don Juan and they are desperate to be your girl.


Difference between South Korean girls and Korean American girls

There are some Korean American girls who will fall head over heels for white guys. However some Korean girls really prefer white western boyfriend because they know that Korean men are very authoritative and chauvinistic.

It is also a common belief that their Korean husband will be unfaithful and cheat on them as soon as they have kids.

The stereotypical belief that Korean girls are crazy about white foreign men are widespread. Most South Korean girls would still prefer a man of their own race as Korean women in Korea tend to follow their parents’ wishes and marry a fellow Korean.

Nevertheless there are always liberal Korean girls who will fall for anyone regardless of race or skin color.

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