Why foreign Asian brides are popular

Asian brides from China and the Philippines remain a popular choice for Asian men. The main reason is because it is quite hard to find young Asian women as most of them are economically independent and prefer to remain single.

Filipino Asian Brides

Fillipino woman has been known for their strong family ties, pleasant and outward personality. Mail order Asian brides from the Philippines were once a common phenomenon but abusive foreign husbands prompted the authorities to clamp down on such practices.

Chinese Asian Brides

Chinese women are known to be demure and shy but beware of these racial stereotypes that have a tendency to mislead you. It is best to get to know her and see if you can hit it off.


Common Myth about Asian Brides

Some men may have unrealistic fantasy about marrying Asian woman. They think it is more exotic and exciting to marry a foreign Asian woman and they are actually rescuing them from inferno hell from their home countries.

Most men thought Asian women know how to “service” them better than white women just because Asian woman know how to cook and take care of her husband and family.

Due to abject poverty in their family finances, many Vietnamese women have no choice but to marry foreign men to help improve their family situation.

Asian Brides Scams

However there is two sides to a story and there are bound to have black sheep around. Some may argue that they have been scammed after marrying Asian women. There are black widow cases where Asian women who have used up their husband’s money and leave their husband after a few years.

It may seem as a scam to get you to send your money back to her home or family. However before you tied the knot, you must know that marrying a Asian woman is as though marrying her whole family.  In fact you are basically supporting your wife as well as her family.

Before you believe stories about Asian Brides scams, there are also abusive husbands who themselves are alcoholic or violent.

Try dating Asian women online

You can try to dip into baby pool before diving into the deep water. Date some nice local Asian ladies online and see if you click with any of them before you make any descisions. Do tons of research before you commit especially if it concern about sending money.

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Dating China Chinese Girls Online

If you are looking to date Chinese girls online or searching for a Chinese woman soulmate, you had better know their top three criteria for a marriage partner. With the proliferation of Internet in China, young Chinese girls and women are flocking to online Chinese dating websites searching to explore their new found freedom.


Chinese women top 3 criteria

According to the All-China Women’s Federation survey, 70% of China’s Chinese women want their prospective suitor to own a house.

  1. emotional connection
  2. economic conditions
    –owning a home
  3. ability to work
    –stability of job

Chinese women felt that owning a home is a prerequisite for those seeking marriage. While some may castigate Chinese women for being materialistic and too focused on the economics of tying the knot.

Why China Chinese women are cherry picking

China Chinese women of marrying age are in short supply because of of its one-child policy. This huge gender imbalance among the China’s younger generation means that an estimated 24 million China men are fated to remain in bachelorhood by 2020.

Now that Chinese women are aware they are holding the trump cards in the online dating singles market, they can afford to screen and cherry pick their suitors. As China is becoming an economic powerhouse, Chinese women are facing today’s highly materialistic society, it is natural for them to be practical.

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Myths About Dating Asian Women Online

Before you attempt to sign up for Asian online dating sites, are you aware that Asian girls are not some strange, exotic women that you hear about from your friends or sex adventures floating around the internet?

If you are looking for those cheap thrills, then you should not join Asian online dating sites but buy a plane ticket straight to the country itself.

Asian women stereotype

This is a very common stereotype among men: Asian girls are submissive housewives while western women are more assertive and independent. Many men are lured to the siren call of a mysterious, sensual Asian woman that is obedient and seductive.

The fact that Asian women are submissive is valid only up to a certain point. However it does not mean Asian women are weak and you can take full advantage of them.

Why Asian women are submissive

The real reason why are Asian women are submissive is because in Asian family social structure, they are brought up with clear traditional gender roles.

This means that she will have expectations of you to take charge and lead the way. Asian girl is unlikely to make the first move in any situation. However it does not mean you can be a dominating jerk.


How to win over Asian women

Dating an Asian girl may be very different than dating other girls. Most Asian women very feminine and truly want and desire a man that can take charge and care for them.

What an Asian woman truly want is a man that behave like a real gentleman. All that old fashioned stuff like walking on the arm, opening doors etc, works very well with Asian women.

  • Do not attempt to impress an Asian girl

Learn to be yourself. The real reason why Asian girls are so attracted to western men is due to the fact that they are more direct, bolder in their approach and more laid back.

  • Being polite pays off

Treat her like any other girl and you will earn her respect. Do not ask stupid about her race and get past your “yellow fever” stereotype assumptions.

Compare to western women, Asian women do not like to voice out their displeasure and tend to keep discomfort to herself. That’s something which makes Asian women so attractive.

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VietnamCupid Review Part 4

In this instalment, we will explore how to use the ‘flirt online’ features in VietnamCupid.com. Let’s go back to the member control panel again. The fastest way to search for Vietnamese women matches is to look at the “Recommended Matches” at the bottom of your member control panel.

VietnamCupid Show Interest Button

If someone has caught your eye and you are interested in contacting her, just click on her profile pictures to read her profile.


Now you have two options; you can either click the “Show Interest” button and the opposite party will know that you are interested in her or you can send her a mail.

After clicking the “Show Interest” button, you will see something like this:


Please take note that as a Free standard member, you could not send her any mail. Upgrading to paying premium member include many benefits and advantages such as

  • sending unlimited messages to free and paying members
  • receive mail from free and paying members
  • communicate by email, instant messaging or chat

VietnamCupid Add To Favorite feature

“Add to favorite” feature allows you to keep track of all the Vietnamese girls that you are seriously interested in. Furthermore, she will also be notified that you have add her to your favorites thus opening up doors for more interactions.

Where can you find the “Add to favorite” feature?

Under every VietnamCupid member profile, there are some icons which when you move your mouse over, you can “add her to your favorites”


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VietnamCupid Review Part 3

In this VietnamCupid review, you will learn how to quickly utilize the member’s control panel area. After the revamp, the member’s control panel layout is more neat and intuitive. The search function is right in the middle and other non-essential items are hide away in the drop down menu.

Apparently VietnamCupid has designed the layout specifically catered to the member’s user experience. Everything from the new features such as “Recent Activity” are well thought out for the user.

How VietnamCupid is helping you

As human beings, we yearn to be popular especially in online dating websites. If someone has viewed your profile and you know who is the person, provided that you are interested in her, the chances of  hitting off are increased dramatically. Therefore in your VietnamCupid control panel, the features are there to help you to increase you chances of dating a Vietnamese woman.

In the member control panel, there is column called ” What’s New”. As you can see from the picture below


  • New interests
    Here you will be notified whether any Vietnamese women have shown you an interest
  • New profile views
    Here you will find out which VietnamCupid members has viewed your profile
  • New favourite
    Here you will know who has added you as their favourite

If you have carefully crafted your profile headline and dutifully uploaded clear pictures of yourself, you will soon be rewarded by Vietnamese women wanting to know more about you.

VietnamCupid most popular women

In this column, what is most exciting is the “Most Popular” where you can see the most popular Vietnamese women profiles all at one place. You can also select the timeline for Most popular VietnamCupid women member (All Time)  or Most popular VietnamCupid women member (This Month).


In the next VietnamCupid review, you will learn how to use VietnamCupid online tools to show interest to members that caught your eyes.

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