Filipinaheartcom Chat How To Use Filipino Chatrooms

FilipinaHeart is specially catered to people who are looking for an extensive database of  Filipino women singles. If you are new to FilipinaHeart chatroom, it is often bustling with interactions and at any one time there are 1700 filipino girls online available for chat.


You must sign up as a FREE member in order to access FilipinaHeart women profiles. If you have yet to sign up for FilipinaHeart, you can click here to follow the step by step instructions.

FilipinaHeart Chatroom Access

You can browse through thousands of Filipino women online by becoming a FREE member first. If you’re interested in one of Filipino girls, you can then proceed to upgrade your membership.


Who can I find in FilipinaHeart chat

You can find Filipino women members living in the Philippines and especially Filipina ladies working abroad in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.


Most of the Filipino women are lonely and homesick so they turn to FilipinaHeart chatroom seeking foreign friends, dating, love, excitement or romance.

You can also search for Filipino women living in the USA who are looking for friendship or romance.

How much do I need to pay for FilipinaHeart chat access?

You need to at least sign up for a Gold membership which cost around USD $21 per month or USD $14 per month for 3 month payment. The massive advantages of a gold membership:

  • Contact free or paying members through email or instant messaging
  • read mail or instant messages from free or paying members
  • Add 5 photos
  • Add a personality profile
  • Include your personal contact information in messages that you send to members
  • Rank your profile above Free Standard members

Highly recommended to who want to initiate contact with other filipino women members and want to obtain maximum interest in their profile. Begin your Filipino Chat experience now.

FilipinaHeart Free Instant Access

FilipinaHeart Free Instant Access

Wanted Chinese Women For Chinese Men

Scarcity of Chinese girls are a growing problem for Chinese men.  According to a study published online by the British Medical Journal, by year 2020 China will have increasingly more men than Chinese women of reproductive age.

Why is there a shortage of Chinese women?

There are two main reasons for the growing gender gap. China’s one child policy and the Chinese traditional preference for males are the two reasons why the China population gender balance are skewed. Baby boys  are highly regarded in a Chinese family because only the male can carry on the family name.

available single Chinese girls for dating

available single Chinese girls for dating

Sex selective birth by Chinese women

Parents are biased and in favor of a male offspring and the gender imbalance are caused by couples’ decisions to abort female fetuses. In 2005  census study, births of boys in China exceeded births of girls by more than 1.1 million.

The normal male-female ratio of a country should be between 103-107 for every 100 females.  In China, the figure has reached 116 boys for every 100 Chinese girls with as many as 140 Chinese boys in the rural areas.

Effect of growing numbers of Chinese women

There are two ways you can look at it. There are more choices for Chinese men to choose their dating and marriage partners. Or there are more competitions in the search for Chinese women with the potential surplus of 24 million highly hormones charged Chinese men without mates.

You could imagine the worst case scenarios; rising crimes against Chinese ladies such as kidnapping and rape. However Chinese men are already taking evasive actions. Chinese men are actively looking for foreign brides, marrying much younger Chinese girls or older Chinese women.

Where to find Chinese women online?

There are a number of online dating services that specifically cater to Chinese and Asian women singles. Below are some Chinese online dating websites.

Asian Dating Friends Review Part 2

In the last review, you were shown the special features of Asian Dating Friends. Now you will find how to use the site for maximum success and harvest more matches for yourself.

The easiest way to have a list of Asian women

  • Cupid Reports:
    select Asian girls according to your preferences by accessing your Cupid Settings in your member area. Select your criteria and update – A list of Asian women emailed to you regularly. Asia Friend will automatically notify you when a person matching your description becomes a member.


  • My New Matches:
    Another list automatically compiled for you and ready to review every time you log in.

Online Places to find Asian women

  • Members Near Me:
    In your member area, there is a feature to see which members are living near you.
  • See Who’s Online Now:
    Find out who has logged into their account and chat with them via Asian Dating Friend’s Instant Messenger.
  • Most Popular Members:
    You can check out hot Asian women photos and videos and who’s getting the most attention.
  • Your Local Groups:
    Use this feature to find members who share your interests and live around your neighbourhood.
  • Top Kudos:
    This is an interesting list that features members who have received praise from other members. You can secretly observed who is getting the praises.
  • View Recently Confirmed:
    These members have recently verified their age, gender using ConfirmID.
  • VIP list:
    Check out these online royalty:
    These Asian women have their Gold memberships with a VIP designation so you know they are serious in their search for their sweetheart.

As you use the tools above to find members who interest you, add them to your member Hotlist so you can find them easily again.

Asian Dating Friends Review Part 1

Asian Dating Friends is the largest online dating relationship community for Asians. If you are interested in meeting people of Asian ethnicity or those who share your interests and cultural values, this is specially made for you.


The site offers free trial membership with a fast and easy signup option which you can browse millions of Asian women singles looking for romance and friendship.

Asian Dating Friends have well over 4 million active members from all over the world especially from popular countries like China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, United States and Canada.

Asian Dating Friends uses both the traditional and simplified Chinese character sets, and as well an English interface. This makes it easier for all Asian singles to connect with each other.

What’s so great about Asian Dating Friends?

What’s great about Asian Dating Friends is how easy they have made it for you to socialize from the comfort of your own home.  With little more than a tap on the keyboard and a click of the mouse you can socialize with Asians from all around the world with their latest built in social networking tools.

Special features of Asian Dating Friends

  • Member of the Month
    Asian Dating Friendsis full of interesting Asian female members that somebody has to be extra special in order to become Member of the Month.

In the next part review, you will find how to use the site for maximum success and also secret tips on ways to harvest more matches.

Asian Dating Tips How To Write The Perfect Introduction Part 2

In the last post we talk about useful tips to help you write your first email message that will make a lasting great impression. Here are more tips to help you score your first online dating sucess.

Online Asian Dating Tips #1: Be Original

Do not try to make generic comments such as “you’re hot” with no information about yourself  and no explanation as to why you think she’s hot. You’ll need something more original to attract her interest. Show your personality in your writing.  If you have a great sense of humor try to blend it in your email to her.  It’s a sure way to impress someone.


Online Asian Dating Tips #2: Write Coherently

Don’t abbreviate too many words in your email message. An abbreviation here and there is okay, but if a person needs a cryptographer to figure out what you’re trying to say, your email is probably destined for the delete button. For example “I would luv 2 chat wif u” is fine, but if the entire email reads like a text message composed by your 13-year-old niece, you’re just going to annoy people!

Online Asian Dating Tips #3: Sell Yourself

It does not mean to put yourself on the discount rack.  Sell yourself by writing without sounding egotistical.  If you’re a successful executive with a fabulous lifestyle, write with confidence but don’t blow your horn about how many cars you own. Remember you want to engage people with your message, not make them roll their eyes.

Online Asian Dating Tips #4: Attach Pictures

People like to see other people’s pictures. Let them see who they are corresponding with unless you are a werewolf. Even if you are uncomfortable showing your face, attach some photos of your best features, like your torso, legs, or even just your eyes. But please keep your private anatomy private as it is not the time to ‘expose yourself’ unnecessarily. It is best to attach action shots or photos of you doing something.

Online Asian Dating Tips #5: Ask Questions

End your email with a question. Closing an email abruptly with something like “Write back if you’re interested” is so lame and not very engaging. Asking questions will prompt people to respond. If a woman’s profile says she likes traveling to exotic beaches and you share the common interest, write something like “I love beaches, too! What is your favorite beach?” and you have hit the jackpot.

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