Asian Dating Tips How To Write The Perfect Introduction Part 1

In the world of Asian online dating, the first email that you want to sent to the lady you’ve got your eyes on can make or break your chances.  Here are some useful tips to help you write your first email message that will make a lasting great impression.

Online Asian Dating Tips #1

Don’t just skim the members’ profiles looking for hot photos. Make a little effort by reading their profiles thoroughly before making contact.  If you read their profiles carefully, you will most likely to know what she’s looking for and if you’re a good fit, saving yourself a lot of time and rejection in the process.


Online Asian Dating Tips #2

When you write a message, include a line that indicates you have actually read her profile. People especially women appreciate your small little gestures and effort. She will most likely to respond to your advances and reciprocate.

Online Asian Dating Tips #3

Don’t send a form letter as a first message. If you can’t take the time to personalize a simple introductory message, why should she take the time to respond?

Online Asian Dating Tips #4

Be honest! The internet dating landscape is a great place to fantasize about the person you want to be, but if you’re talking to someone you plan on meeting face to face, honesty really is the best policy.

Keep the first email short and sweet. Tell her more about yourself and let her know you’re interested – but get straight to the point.

Do not use this opportunity to vent your frustration by talking about your ex or your troubles at work etc. No one wants to be your listening ear from the first contact.

Most people won’t even finish reading the first few lines of your message, let alone respond to it. Do not beat around the bush and write too much information for a first email.

Westerners Dating Korean Women

The frustrations and confusions for those trying to date a Korean woman in Korea. Not all women are the same when it comes to social expectations and dating culture. There are some peculiar situations when it comes to having a Korean woman as a girlfriend:

Dating a korean “girlfriend” for a few months but no progress in terms of physical initmacy (hold hands, kiss/peck hello/goodbye on the lips, cuddle)

If there is no kissing after a series of date, you might have been relegated to ‘best friend’ status only.

Important tip when dating a Korean Girl

For most of the time, a Korean girl will be expecting the first move to come from you. Korean girls are not aggressive in dating unlike women in the western countries, they are normally passive so their behavior is completely normal if they do not want to hold hands or kiss in public.

However there is always an exception, some Korean girls are westernized in their thinking and they may even move in with you.

Different Type of Korean Girls

Some Korean girls are more traditional, thinking about staying pure until marriage. A typical conservative Korean girl just doesn’t want to do anything intimate until she marries or until things are more serious.

Some Korean women want to date foreign men so that they can practice English and at the same have some fun but nothing more.

Some Korean girls date foreigners because they are infatuated with western culture and are eager to try something new.

In a typical Korean relationship, a couple go out with each other many times until the man declare his affection for her and she reciprocates. Then by Korean dating definition, they are a couple.

Korean girls can have different expectations  for dating a foreign guy and with a Korean man.


Difference between Thai Girls and Filipino Girls

What’s the difference between a Thai girl and a Filipino girl? There are so many misleading information floating around especially certain articles whereby even the authors are confused and mixed up these Asian women. For example plastering Japanese and Taiwanese girls’ photos and representing them as Filipino or Thai girls.

Many can’t tell the difference from their online dating profile photo but with more time, you are able to set them apart. This can be helpful for you to filter off fake online dating profile photos immediately.


The most obvious difference is that Filipinos speak English fluently and tagalog as their native language. Thai is the national and official language of Thailand and the mother tongue of the Thai people, only minority of  Thai women can speak English. However Thai girls in Bangkok and Phuket are fluent in English as they depend on tourists for their trade.

Filipino Women Physical looks

Some Filipino women may look Chinese, Spanish (Spanish colonization) or Caucasian (British rule and American) due to colorful history of the Philippines. On the other hand some Filipina girls are dark and tanned as they have roots tracing back to indigenous people in the Philippines. Below are some pictures of Malayo-Polynesian Filipina women descent.


Ethnic Filipina women Malayo-Polynesian

Most Filipina women are part of Malay/Malayo-Polynesian speaking people. You can find them in rural areas Negros Occidenta,Zamboanga,Misamis Oriental and outlying islands Cebu,Palawan

Filipina Chinese women

Non-Malay Polynesian ethnic groups such as Chinese, Europeans and American form a minority in the Philippine population.The intermarriage of Chinese immigrant workers with native women (called indios) in the 16th century exceed more than those Spanish mixed with Malayo-Polynesian population.


Filipino women with mixed heritage

The opening of the Suez Canal in the 18th century give rise to foreign trade and soon Europeans such as the British, Germans, and French settled in the islands to do business. Mixed-race individuals are known as Filipino mestizos. Example of popular Filipino woman model Misa Campo who has mixed heritage (Dutch and Filipina)

filipina girl with mixed heritage

filipina girl with mixed heritage

Thai Women Complexion

Thai women are mostly ethnic Thai that make up approximately 80% of the nation’s population of approximately 64.5 million. Thailand women from predominantly ethnic-Malay southern provinces  are more tanned with brown complexion.

Thailand girls from numerous hill tribes living in the northern mountains and cities such as Chiang Mai have very fair complexion due to the weather. You could easily mistaken these Thai girls for Chinese girls as they are very white. Below are some pictures of fair skinned Thai girls.


fair complexion thai girls

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How to have a successful online relationship with Chinese women

How to have a happy ending with Chinese women and make it work? Below are some useful tips that can help you gain headstart out of the cross-cultural relationship.

Tip #1: Know more about Chinese Culture

It’s better to be well prepared with some knowledge of Chinese culture and their values. You will never want to turn off a Chinese lady with your behavior or with your words unintentionally.  Chinese women has a certain views and expectation towards a marriage.


Tip #2: How to bridge the cultural gap

Communicating with a Chinese women is important as there is always the language barrier. Do not depend too much on translators or online translation as some of the meanings will be lost through translation service. It is at your best interests to pick up some basic Chinese converstion phrases. This will show that you are committed and leave a Chinese woman a good impression.

Tip #3: Be proactive

You should not simply sit back and let things happen. Chinese woman likes a man to be in control and by spending sometime to get to know her, you are showing a Chinese lady that you are making a commitment to yourself and her own happiness.

Starting a cross cultural relationship with someone from another faraway country can be very exciting but you have to use your own judgement and common sense.

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