How To Really Win The Heart Of An Asian Girl

Asian women have so many alluring aspects that captivate numerous men. Oriental beauties have big doll eyes ( not stereotypical slanted eyes), porcelain skin, petite body frame, long silky straight hair that continue to beckon for your attention. Below are some Asian women dating tips .

Dating an Asian girl: What you should NOT do

Asian women hates men who just assume that since she is of Asian roots, she will be either a Chinese or Japanese. It will reflect badly on you and show how socially inept you are.

Before making yourself look dumb in front of her,  do some research on Asian history. If you cannot differentiate between Asian countries such as China and Japan, then you must be a frog living in a well and deserved to be shunned by Asian women.

China and Japan are two different countries. Due to early migration of Chinese immigrants from China, there are also Asian women of Chinese descent in other South East Asian countries. You can find:

  • Thailand women of Chinese descent in Thailand
  • Filipina women of Chinese descent in the Philippines
  • Vietnamese women of Chinese descent in Vietnam
  • Chinese women of Chinese descent in Malaysia

Yes these Asian women have fair white porcelain skin texture unlike their native counterparts.


Do not put on an act in front of her

Please do not show off by impressing her with information you know about her country. It may show that you have done your homework however what she truly want is know more about you.

Dating an Asian girl: What you should do

  • Respect their views and cultural traditions

Many Asian countries have distinct cultural norms such as South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam. Asian girls would greatly appreciate that you respect their traditions and views. Understanding their culture is an necessity, do not be a racist and cast your biased tinted views on her.

What Asian girl truly want from you

Most importantly, you must come across as sincere or she will most likely interpret you as some flirt waiting to pounce on Asian girls. Let your real personality shine through your online conversations and your manner of approach.

But do not expect her to be direct and straight forward like any other western girl. Asian women are brought up in such a way that they do not admit their feelings easily and when she like someone, she is more likely to drop hints rather than a direct confession.

A traditional Asian girl looks for a man who is honest, faithful and can provide a stable lifestyle. Click below for some Asian Chinese online dating sites that you can explore to find suitable Asian girls.


Dating Thai Girlfriend Safety Tips

Online Thai Dating services such as are popular among foreign men who are seeking a relationship with Thailand ladies. However before you dive headlong into the Thai dating scene, there are some things you should be aware about some Thai ladies.

Why Thai women likes foreign western men

There are many reasons why a Thai girl would want to date a foreign western men. Here are some common reasons and you can decide whether she really like you as a person or there is some hidden motives.

Some Thai ladies find foreign culture interesting enough to hitch a foreign boyfriend to learn about their culture. Many Thai ladies benefit from exposure to the lifestyle of a foreigner due to his higher spending power. They can go to nice places for dining, entertainment and mix around with higher middle class.


Pitfalls to avoid when dating Thai women

  • Avoid Thai ladies who are looking for a man mainly for financial support, security, material things and an exciting lifestyle
  • Another category of Thai ladies to avoid like a plague: Thai bargirls and freelancers (disguised prostitutes)
  • If you wish to avoid gold diggers, then please do not shower Thai ladies with money and take care of them to the point where they can be lazy. You will be really asking for it.
  • Avoid pretty Thai ladies
    Most of the pretty beautiful Thai women tend to be the worst dating partner. Why? because Life has been easy for them, as people have pampered them favorably over others. Pretty Thai girls are often spoiled child.

In a way, beauty can be a curse as they can have the easy way out and they do not try to learn or develop themselves internally in substantive ways. Beauty is transient and superficial. It is better to find a Thai woman with average looks but with a kind heart rather than a  pretty “trophy wife” which you might regret later in life.

You need to have your head on the ground and the best way is use your common sense.

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Dating China Chinese Girls Online

If you are looking to date Chinese girls online or searching for a Chinese woman soulmate, you had better know their top three criteria for a marriage partner. With the proliferation of Internet in China, young Chinese girls and women are flocking to online Chinese dating websites searching to explore their new found freedom.


Chinese women top 3 criteria

According to the All-China Women’s Federation survey, 70% of China’s Chinese women want their prospective suitor to own a house.

  1. emotional connection
  2. economic conditions
    –owning a home
  3. ability to work
    –stability of job

Chinese women felt that owning a home is a prerequisite for those seeking marriage. While some may castigate Chinese women for being materialistic and too focused on the economics of tying the knot.

Why China Chinese women are cherry picking

China Chinese women of marrying age are in short supply because of of its one-child policy. This huge gender imbalance among the China’s younger generation means that an estimated 24 million China men are fated to remain in bachelorhood by 2020.

Now that Chinese women are aware they are holding the trump cards in the online dating singles market, they can afford to screen and cherry pick their suitors. As China is becoming an economic powerhouse, Chinese women are facing today’s highly materialistic society, it is natural for them to be practical.

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Myths About Dating Asian Women Online

Before you attempt to sign up for Asian online dating sites, are you aware that Asian girls are not some strange, exotic women that you hear about from your friends or sex adventures floating around the internet?

If you are looking for those cheap thrills, then you should not join Asian online dating sites but buy a plane ticket straight to the country itself.

Asian women stereotype

This is a very common stereotype among men: Asian girls are submissive housewives while western women are more assertive and independent. Many men are lured to the siren call of a mysterious, sensual Asian woman that is obedient and seductive.

The fact that Asian women are submissive is valid only up to a certain point. However it does not mean Asian women are weak and you can take full advantage of them.

Why Asian women are submissive

The real reason why are Asian women are submissive is because in Asian family social structure, they are brought up with clear traditional gender roles.

This means that she will have expectations of you to take charge and lead the way. Asian girl is unlikely to make the first move in any situation. However it does not mean you can be a dominating jerk.


How to win over Asian women

Dating an Asian girl may be very different than dating other girls. Most Asian women very feminine and truly want and desire a man that can take charge and care for them.

What an Asian woman truly want is a man that behave like a real gentleman. All that old fashioned stuff like walking on the arm, opening doors etc, works very well with Asian women.

  • Do not attempt to impress an Asian girl

Learn to be yourself. The real reason why Asian girls are so attracted to western men is due to the fact that they are more direct, bolder in their approach and more laid back.

  • Being polite pays off

Treat her like any other girl and you will earn her respect. Do not ask stupid about her race and get past your “yellow fever” stereotype assumptions.

Compare to western women, Asian women do not like to voice out their displeasure and tend to keep discomfort to herself. That’s something which makes Asian women so attractive.

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7 Secrets To Meet Thai Women Online Successfully

Today, there are many Thai women who preferred to use online dating sites to meet foreign men. Pretty Thai women or young Thailand girls are always popular in the online dating websites.  These Thai women who use attractive pictures get tons of emails from guys every day.

What’s interesting about Thai online dating profiles is that many of them are full of hot air and some are complete nonsense. Many Thai girls and Thailand women will lie about their age, weight and income in their online dating profiles.
Here are 7 secrets tips to increase your chances of success in the Thai online dating world

Secret Tip #1: Be creative

You should sign up a free email account similar to the name of your dating profile. Once you have had contact with a Thai girl, you can go the next step and continue with online chat. Never reveal too much online to keep her in suspense. A separate email account also keeps your regular email free of all the messages and notifications you will get from a site like ThaiLoveLinks

You have to be a little creative to stand out from the competition. Being a little laid back, a little more passive will actually work with these Thai girls. Keeps her wondering why you don’t pursue her as much as the other guys.  You have to be  different to get your email opened by her.

Secret Tip #2: Use a good webcam

If you plan on chatting online, please do yourself a favor and buy a decent webcam. This will help you present yourself better. Remember if  you are trying to date someone who may be thousands of miles away, she needs to know something about you. People do judge on image and especially online when your image and presentation is all that she can see.


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If you have a webcam, Thai women will be more willing to use their webcam to chat with you. If you don’t have a good webcam then the Thai girls will not be too impressed. But please keep in mind that webcams show what you are doing, so if you are chatting with many women simulataneously, you will likely be exposed! Thai girls know when you do this because they in turn chat with more than one guy.

Secret Tip #3: Stay away from “crazies”

If a Thai girl has written something in her profile like: “I am crazy girl” or “I do crazy things”, run away as far as possible. Avoid these types of Thai girls like a plague. Discard her as a potential girlfriend or even date. These types of Thai girls may be wild and crazy but they will bring you a lot of trouble. Go for normal Thai women when dating online.

Secret Tip #4: Avoid young Thai girls

If you are looking for a serious relationship and marriage, do not search for Thai women who are 7-10 years younger than you. If you are an older guy, age gap of 10-15 years maybe ok, but do not push your luck. Young Thai women are still not mature enough.

There are some Thai women who are emotionally immature even when they are into their 30’s and 40’s. While it can be fun and endearing to some extent, it can also make things turn sour.

Thai girls who are in their 20’s generally do not want to find a husband online. They may write that they like an older man, but be careful. These younger Thai girls may be interested in a sugar daddy kind of relationship which is very common in Thailand.


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Secret Tip #5: Don’t wish for the stars

If you are looking for a Thailand woman of virtue or a traditional Thai girl, then maybe Thai online dating is not going to work out for you. Conservative Thai women do not use internet dating even if she does, she may be scared off after a bad experience. Bottomline: conservative Thai girls are hard find.

Secret Tip #6: Know what you want

Be specific about what you want and what you are searching for. People are often more direct online than in real life and that’s the advantage of meeting Thai women online. Remember that she likely won’t know what you expect going into a relationship and you may not know what she wants.

Secret Tip #7: Beware of photos

Some Thai women look great in photos but pictures can be deceiving as they maybe older in real life. It is normal for Thai girls to get their profile photos taken professionally in a studio. So, don’t get your hopes up too early even if your future girlfriend looks like a model in the online photos.

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