Filipino Courtship Customs Part 1

If you are a foreigner looking to date or marry a filipina girl, make sure you are aware of the Philippine marriage traditions and dating customs. In the Filipino customs and rituals, nothing is as important as courtship and marriage in the Filipino culture.

There are many different kinds of courtship practiced in the Philippines according to different provinces.

Filipina women courtship

The process of filipino courtship start with a series of friendly dates. If a particular Filipina girl catches your eye, you should express your interest to the Filipino women in a discreet and friendly manner.

Avoid going up to a Filipina woman on a street as it is being perceived as aggressive and culturally not acceptable. Refrain from being arrogant or even condescending because of stereotypical “yellow fever” views.

Please always bear in mind that by courting a Filipina woman in the Philippines, you are also courting the filipino woman’s family.


Flirty and shy Filipino girls

During the filipino courtship process, a demure Filipina girl will play “hard to get” and act as if she is not interested so as not to come across as flirty even though she has feelings for her admirer.

Therefore if you are rejected once or twice, do not be disheartened as this behavior serves as a tool to test the admirer’s sincerity and seriousness of the relationship.

Courting Filipina women from Cebu province

This is particularly useful when you are dating a Filipina girl from Cebu province.

Pamanhikan – The Formal Proposal

The asking of the filipina girl’s hand in marriage is a serious matter. Therefore do not visit her parent’s house if you are not serious about the relationship.  Otherwise you are giving the impression that you are seeking her parent’s permission to marry their daughter.

The man will formally ask and seek blessings from her parents in order to marry their daughter. The date of the wedding and the dowry are discussed during this visit.

Setting the Filipino bride dowry

Some western men may feel uncomfortable when it comes to giving cash as dowry to her parents for marriage. However you must understand that for the Filipino, marriage is a union of two families, not just of two persons. Therefore, giving cash is a symbolic gesture of thanking her parents for bringing up her properly.

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Filipino Friend Finder Review Part 7

In the last Filipino Friend Finder Review Part 6, you have learnt how to update your Cupid Settings and get your profile to work harder for you. In this review, you will discover how to attract more attention and save time

Did you check your cupid preferences

There is a simple but useful tool that frees up your time to check up on new Filipina ladies in Filipino FriendFinder. You can look at your “Cupid Preferences” to check up on new Filipino women members.


Click on “My Account” and you will find the link under “Edit Preferences”. This cool feature let Filipino Friend Finder do the hardwork for you and deliver new updates on beautiful Filipina women sent directly to your inbox each week.

Update your profile with fun photos

To increase your chances of attracting suitable Filipino ladies, you can try to upload photos of yourself in leisure activities. These fun photos serve a dual purpose: they help to communicate your interests and personality which in turn can help to attract more attention.


Upload some interesting images beside your main profile photo, which should usually be a high-quality, complimentary close-up of your face that catches the eye of those scrolling through member listings.

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How the name change to going to affect me?

The only change is that next time you are going to login and start browsing, make sure you type in in your web browser. Otherwise you can bookmark the page to continue interacting with other filipino members on your favorite Filipina dating site.

Your membership access to the largest database of filipino personals still remain intact. The layout and membership control panel remain the same. The services provided remain the same except that the brand name has changed.

filipinocupid-dating is still the same Filipino dating site, bringing you thousands of filipino singles around the world together.

Why choose

If you are new to filipino dating, you must try the most popular Filipina dating and personals site used by Filipino singles around the world. FilipinoCupid cater to single Filipino women seeking romance, Philippines singles seeking friendship and any Filipino man or woman searching for dating and love.

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Filipino Friend Finder Review Part 6

In the last Filipino Friend Finder Review Part 5,  you learnt how to use the social networking tools in Filipino Friend Finder to find more filipino women. In this Filipino Friend Finder Review, you will learn how to filter off unwanted attention especially online stalkers

How to update your cupid settings

You can check your Cupid Settings  page to ensure that the filipino women selections reflect accurately what you’re seeking. You may have changed your mind, for example open to dating older filipina women. In that case, increase the age range for the “ideal person” you are seeking.

Another way to get your profile to work harder for you is to upgrade to a Silver membership so that you can:

* Access complete profiles, including a Filipino Friend Finder member’s self-description and what they’re seeking in a mate
* Watch video introductions, which can be so helpful in determining chemistry and compatibility
* Initiate email – an important step in beginning a new relationship


Use email filter to sort out unwanted mail

Is your Filipino Friend Finder inbox overflowing with email…but from the wrong type of filipina men or filipino women? Use the Filipino Friend Finder special Email Filters to sort out those filipino women you desire. It is often frustrating when you are trying to meet a specific type of filipino man or woman and in the process attract unwanted attention.

How to block unwanted attention in Filipino Friend Finder

From the tool bar, click on the Inbox tab and then Filter Settings. Just mark the check boxes that fit your requirements. All email from women who don’t match your preferences will be sent to your “Filtered” email box, leaving plenty of space for genuine email from your admirers.  Adjust your settings to ensure you receive the right kind of email and find the one that you want.

Filipino Friend Finder filters

There are also different kind of filters in your Filipino Friend Finder member profile to help you find the exact kind of person you are looking for.

Cupid filtering

  • Filter emails from those members who do not match your Cupid Preferences:


  • Filter emails from members who have not signed up with ConfirmID . ConfirmID is a service that helps verify age, gender, and location of members. (Free for Gold and Silver Members)


  • Filter emails from members who do not have photos

Fully Filled Out Profile

  • Filter emails from members who have not completed their Physical Information and Personal Information.

Personality Profile

  • Filter emails from members who do not have a Personality Profile

Video Introduction

  • Filter emails from members who do not have a Video Introduction

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Filipino Friend Finder Review Part 5

In the last Filipino Friend Finder Review Part 4,  secret tools to help you get more filipino women are revealed. As social networking sites like FaceBook are getting popular, Filipino online dating sites are also jumping onto the bandwagon.

One trend is to use social networking websites to organize meet up and you can do that in Filipino Friend Finder. For example, you can organize a party clubbing group that meets every month.

My Filipino Friend Finder Interest Groups

Filipino FriendFinder members can now form and join local or topical interest groups. Interest groups let you meet similar people and participate in discussion boards.


Filipino Friend Finder Blogs

If you like to blog about yourself then Filipino FriendFinder can gives you exposure to women who are looking for friends. There are a ready pool of built-in audience of potential readers. You can give it a try and you can earn points. Your posting may garner you a loyal readership, advice or sympathy from other members.


Filipino Friend Finder Memberships

A free standard member is fairly restricted in terms of viewing filipina members photos. However you can try it out and have a feel. As a standard free member, the big advantage is that you can also chat using Instant Messenger for FREE. This is very

A Silver membership grants you access to:

• Advanced search functions, so you can find exactly who you’re looking for
• view filipina member’s first five photos
• Onscreen video introductions, so you can see and hear fascinating filipina women

If you really want to have the best filipina online dating experince, you can try a Gold membership. You will get Silver offer plus:

• Access to all member photos, including those beautiful extra-large ones
• First notice of new members, so you can be the first to welcome them to Filipino FriendFinder
• Your profile appearing at the top of search results, giving you five times the visibility to prospective mates

Either way, Premium members enjoy an important advantage over standard members since Premium members can initiate contact by sending an email to anyone they like. Click picture to join for FREE.

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