Where to find Filipino Friends in summer

Temperatures are rising and we can feel the heat. It is especially true at Filipino Friend! In this post we’re going to reveal tips on how to find your type of filipina singles and how to increase your popularity in filipino dating services. Let’s fan your flames of desire!

In Filipino Friend, you will find help in choosing a compatible filipino mate – perhaps a cute, adventurous filipino girl like filipina surfer chick ?


Filipino Friend’s Personality

You can do just that when you complete Filipino Finder’s Personality Type survey. Just click on the My Account tab, select My Account Main, and click on Personality Type in the first column.

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It only takes a few minutes, the questions are brief and easy, and it’s free! When you have completed, you’ll receive an instantaneous readout of your personality type. If it seems incorrect, just retake the survey. Remember: there are no “right” or “wrong” answers, just different choices that help describe you.

Once you’re satisfied that the results accurately reflect your personality type, you can compare it with those of members who have also taken the survey. You’ll know because their search listings will feature an icon.


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How to increase your popularity in Filipino Friends

Here are 7 steps to increase your presence:

1.Check out the magazine, vote on a poll, answer a member’s question, or post one yourself!

2. See who’s flirted with you recently, perhaps a filipna hottie

3. Respond to invitations to join a member’s Friends Network.

4. View (or post) Friends’ Network Bulletins.

5. See Who’s Online Now! Perhaps one of your favorites is available for an IM chat.

6. Check out the Chat Rooms and see who’s talking – and about what!

7. Refine your profile, upload a new photo, or answer a few more Additional Questions.

Arablounge.com Review Part 3

In this instalment, we will explore and highlight the various features found in ArabLounge.com member’s profile. Under the “MY HOME” column you will find “MY FLIRTS”.

“MY FLIRTS” are little messages other Profile Members can send you to get your attention. You can reply to flirts or send flirts to any member by going to their profile and clicking “Send Flirt”.

There is a section for “E-CARDS”  from ArabLounge.com. Send these interactive e-cards to your Arab women members to show them you care. It is rather useful to use those friendship ecards for breaking ice as they are quite funny.

Ask Dr. Bousa
There is a relationship advisor column to hear your frustration and dating dilemma. It is particularly useful as Dr. Bousa dish out non- judgmental answers that will make you feel comfortable disclosing your Arab dating secrets.

Arablounge Chatroom


You can use both Video & Audio Chat. See and listen to Arab girls in the chat room. Broadcast your own audio and video for others to see. All you need is a webcam and a Platinum Membership.

However others have said it is too expensive to sign up for Platinum Membership.

The chat window is large and resizable. You can change text, style and color, add graphical smilies, click usernames to bring up profile details, link to URL’s.

In fact there are tons of eager Arab women waiting to video chat. However a note of caution, you have to be honest about your personal details or it will turn off most of the Arabic girls and muslims singles.


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Dating Korean Girls Tips

For most of  time, Korean women secretly find foreign men attractive. However not all Korean girls are as wild as some people say.

Tip #1: Korean girls like foreign men

What Korean girls like about foreign men is that they express affection openly and attentive. Foreign men almost never talk of marriage so there is no pressure on the subject of marriage. If you are a foreigner in Korea, just be yourself and you will have Korean women fawning upon you.

Tip #2: Be nice to her family

Family is of utmost importance and Koreans are especially proud of their heritage like Korean food, beautiful geography. You should also treat her best friend well because on your first date, Korean girl will bring her best friend along to act as a chaperone so put on your best show.

Tip #3: Carry her handbag

Although it is embarrassing, it is a norm in Korean dating. Boyfriends are more than willing to carry their Louis Vuitton, Gucci designer handbags. Alpha male dominance does not work in Korean dating as Korean women have seen enough of Korean men who are authoritarian and assuming.

Tip #4: Remember your 100th day

Remember dates like the 100th day after your first meeting, the 100th day after you first kissed her, the 100th day. And buy her a little gift accordingly. Every Korean girl will love you to death for your attentiveness and affection.

Tip #5: Korean girls like to feel special

Don’t check out other girls when you’re spending time with her. Korean girl has eyes like a hawk and will notice if you so much a glance at another girl.

Korean girls hardly get drunk but they would like to appear so that you can take care of her. She’s probably faking the whole drunk act just so you can give her a piggy back ride like those in Korean drama series.

If you think you can handle a relationship with a Korean girl check out Korean dating websites below:

koreancupidgirl001 koreancupidgirl002 koreancupidgirl003

Find Desperate Japanese Girls

Japanese girls in Japan have gone wild.

The young Japanese women in their twenties to office ladies in their forties are part of a new fad sweeping Japan: “konkatsu” crazy.

They are marriage-hunting and  seriously focused on finding the love of their life.

hiroko,19,Tokyo, Japan

hiroko,19,Tokyo, Japan

What does konkatsu mean?

“Konkatsu”  is a word play on “job hunting” that means finding their Mr or Mrs Right with solid research and thorough planning.

What makes Japanese women so desperate in finding a marriage partner?

There is an increase of Japanese women working in the society. However being a woman, they are constantly racing against their ticking biological clock  before giving birth.

Japan is currently facing a declining birth rate and Japanese women are encouraged to seek out their Mr Right before it is too late.



Kyoko,23,Tokyo, Japan

Kyoko,23,Tokyo, Japan



Where can I find Japanese women for online chat?

Many Japanese women in their 20s are now looking for men with a stable job and a steady income due to the recession.

This is the best chance for men to sign up for online dating sites like JapanCupid to know more about them.



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Chat Arab Girls in ArabLounge

Looking for Arab chat room filled with hundreds of Arab girls or arab men? You may explore ArabLounge.com, the largest network of Arabic and English speaking Arab men and women.

There are many Arab girls available for online chat. However there is an interesting trend, most of Arabic women who are from USA are mostly divorced and they have family roots tracing back to Arabic countries such as Egypt, Syria, Iraq.

Whether you are looking to make friends or to find a soulmate, ArabLounge cutting edge Video Instant Messenger allows you to chat real time with hundreds of Arabic speaking women.





From the Instant Messenger you can also view a members profile and send them an email or Flirt should you decide to do so.

If you have a webcam,  the real fun starts when you are be able to broadcast yourself real time in ArabLounge Arab chat room.

Try out ArabLounge Video Instant Messenger today by creating your free profile.



You are able to connect specifically to your countries. Below are the list of Arab countries that are available in ArabLounge including Saudi Arabia, Egypt,Pakistan, Tunisia, Morocco, Qatar and Kuwait.

* Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
* Amman, Jordan
* Basrah, Iraq
* Cairo, Egypt
* Casablanca, Morocco
* Dammam, Saudi Arabia
* Dhahran, Saudi Arabia
* Doha, Qatar
* Fes, Morocco
* Giza, Egypt
* Khobar, Saudi Arabia
* Oran, Algeria
* Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
* Tunis, Tunisia
* Alger, Algeria
* Baghdad, Iraq
* Beirut, Lebanon
* Constantine, Algeria
* Dubai, United Arab Emirates
* Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
* Jerusalem, Palestine
* Kuwait, Kuwait
* Manama, Bahrain
* Marrakech, Morocco
* Melbourne, Australia
* Rabat, Morocco
* Ryiadh, Saudi Arabia

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